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Accuracy Rate


Customer Orders
Received in 2 Days OR


Items Arrived


Team Effort

How do we do this?

  • All our employees are motivated professionals. The accuracy standard for our employees is over 99.8%. To attract these great employees, the company offers competitive salaries, pays 90% of employee’s health benefits, and provides generous time off. We know if we take great care of our employees they will take great care of our customers.



  • Each order is picked by one employee and is checked and packed by another to make sure your order is accurate and arrives to you undamaged. In the rare case your order is damaged or not correct we will fix it for free, no questions asked.



  • Our warehouses utilize solar lighting, electric forklifts, and recycled packaging to minimize the environmental impact of our operation and help keep our costs low.



  • We use a custom tape system to seal all our packages. This tape is much stronger and more environmental friendly than standard poly tapes.



  • We custom design our boxes to fit our products perfectly. This minimizes damages and the amount of packing material needed for each order.

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